Shipping Companies to European Countries

Are you looking for a company that ships to a European country?

Why is Tayba Group Company considered on of the best companies that ships to European countries?

Tayba Group Company offers international shipping and logistics services using highly trusted experiences and high-quality standards for fast shipping and safety of your goods, whether by land, sea or air. We offer modern and different means of transportation to meet the different needs of our customers and with great prices to satisfy our valued customers all around Europe.

Integrated shipping services from Turkey to all European countries:

We offer all types of transportation and logistical shipping services including:

  • Land freight
  • Sea freight
  • Air freight

We provide the best services by setting the necessary arrangements under the supervision of specialized staff to ensure the safety of your shipments of all its kinds, weights and sizes.

Your shipment is in safe hands, and it is fully insured in case it gets damaged, destroyed or lost.

In addition, we offer full packaging and storage services in conditions that suit your shipments, as well as loading and examining services after receiving the goods from the merchant or the factory before shipping it to you.

Also, Tayba Group Company for logistical solutions offers customs clearance services, and by that we guarantee you a fully integrated shipping services to all the European countries.

Customs Clearance of Goods from Turkey to European Countries:

Because Tayba Group Company always aims to perform an important role in the field of International shipping from and to Turkey, our company offers the services of obtaining and completing necessary documents and licenses for customs clearance of goods from and to European countries, in addition to continuous communication with the client from the starting point of your shipment until receival.


Tayba Group Company services provided to our clients in European countries:

Why is Tayba Group Company classified as the best shipping company to European countries?

Tayba Group Company guarantee to its valued customers all around the world to offer the best options for the most suitable services for their needs:

  • Offering logistical solutions
  • Fully integrated shipping services via a variety of shipping means
  • Storage, loading and packaging services
  • Fast, secure and high efficiency services

Europeans countries to which we ship from Turkey:

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Greece
  • France
  • Denmark
  • The Netherlands
  • Italy

And other European countries


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