Stationary Plants for Crushing and Screening of Stones

Stationary crushing plants contain advanced equipment that provides high efficiency for mines and construction projects. We have a variety of capacities for the crushing plants that suits every project.

The stationary plants for crushing can be used for complete production with different sizes, and the crushing of solid mines and ores, in addition to screening process for the needed sizes.

Tayba Group Company works with one of the best Turkish companies in this field. We as a company work to secure and guarantee our clients increase in their profits, and improving the volume of work by offering production plants that is of high quality.

Stationary Crushing Plants:

The stationary crushing plant was improved to provide an incredibly high level of production. All the equipment was designed by taking into consideration the occupational safety for the workers and employees in the building site. It is also equipped with highly advanced safety systems.

Our company has sent multiple production plants to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with different production capacities to satisfy the client’s needs, but still the minimum production capacity possible is 150-200 tons/hour and the maximum is 600-700 tons/hour, and the production capacity differs according to the size of the equipment in the production plants, the type of stones and amount of feeding.


المحطات الثابتة لتكسير و غربلة الأحجار