Bookings, Document Processing and Insurance

Our company acts as the direct commercial mediator between the buyer and the manufacturing factory. We are specialized in commercial mediating services and building a great relationship network with the small and big companies in Turkey. Trust and commitment are the basis for our success with our clients and investors and industrial companies.

Our Mission:

  • Providing the best deals for the best prices offers.
  • Supervision and accuracy when receiving and examining the orders.
  • Re-packaging and preparing the orders for air and sea shipping.
  • Preparing all the required documents and papers for exporting goods from Turkey and sending it to the country of the recipient.
  • Offering the best prices for shipping. Shipping is done through our company’s shipping branch.

Our domains of work:

  • Furniture and all kinds of office and home furniture.
  • Clothes, domestic and industrial textiles, shoes and accessories.
  • Heavy industrial machinery and equipment.
  • Production lines and factory equipment.
  • Food products and beverages.
  • Household utensils, kitchen appliances and fixtures.