40 Feet Container from Turkey – Specifications and Costs

We regularly do shipments of containers via sea freight to all over the world, especially North Africa and Middle East. We have prices that competes with the prices of all the companies in Turkey.

Our services start from receiving goods from the companies and factories that are agreed upon, then storing the goods in our warehouses, it then gets prepared and repackaged, after that we prepare all the documents required for export like invoices, certificate of origin and other verification documents requested according to the nature of the shipment.

The period of shipping to the Arab Countries varies between 15 days to a maximum of 30 days depending on the destination country.

We excel at:

  • Fast shipping, re-shipping and unloading.
  • Economical packaging, storing and handling.
  • The ability to examine the goods, and logistic services.

40 Feet Container Specifications:

Its total load is about 60 cubic meters.
Its regular dimensions are 12 meters length x 2.25 meters width x 2.25 meters height.
The maximum usable length is only 11.80 meters, so that 20 cm is left for the door to open and close, and the maximum allowed loading weight is 30 tons.
Note: The container’s maximum allowed loading weight varies according to the type and size of the shipment.

40 Feet Container Shipping Costs from Turkey:

Press here. You can calculate the costs of shipping 40 feet container from a port in Istanbul by visiting the page of calculating the shipping costs on our website. If you want to know the costs of shipping 40 feet container from other Turkish cities, please contact us.
You can contact us to ask for information about shipping any type of container.