Modern Grey Marble

Tayba Group Company was the main provider of the marble materials required by clients in many construction projects. For one of these projects, Tayba Group Company exported 3500 square meters of Modern Grey Marble during 2019-2020 season, of which 2200 square meters was to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The rest of the amount was distributed between different Arab countries, including: Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Libya.

The Turkish Modern Grey Marble is known for its solidity and high quality, in addition to a special pattern for a reasonable price.

Tayba Group Company promises to fulfill all requests taking into considerations the required sizes and maintaining proper safety for the goods while transporting from the factory to the shipping port.

Marble slabs are considered one the hardest materials to maintain and ensure safety while being transported to the client. However, Tayba Group Company has the lowest rate of losses due to the high-quality services and safety tools used to protect the marble slabs, in addition to the specially trained workers for transporting and loading the marble slabs.

Below are some pictures of a marble project in the processing and loading phase.