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Tayba Group Company offers shipping services from Istanbul/Turkey to all the arap countries including: Lebanon – Palestine – Egypt – Libya – Morocco – Iraq – Tunisia – Algeria – Mauritania – Sudan. We offer you an easy, fast, safe and timely shipping of your different goods like: food, furniture and others.
Tayba Group Company Offered Ways of Shipping to the arap countries :

 Fırst– Sea Freight:
Tayba Group Company offers the sea freight services to the Arap countries via specialized cargo ships. Sea freight is consistent of two methods; shipping by containers, or shipping full cargo ships.
1- Shipping Containers:
The good are shipped in big containers made of iron, and the good are shipped by cargo ships specialized in shipping containers.
2- Shipping full cargo ships:
The goods are shipped in cargo ships that are specialized, these cargo ships are of big sizes. This method is used to ship big sized goods like cement and others.
Tayba Group Company offers sea freight shipping to the most important commercial ports in the Arap countries.
 Secound – Air Freight:
The goods are shipped through airline companies, where the goods are loaded onto the planes directed to the Arap countries. Advantages of the air freight is the speed and the high costs, thus food and meats that are fast to expire are shipped via air freight.
Tayba Group Company offers air freight shipping to the most important airports in the Arap countries.
 Fourth – Express Mail Shipping:
Express Mail is a mail service specialized for shipping packages, mails, cassettes, CDs, medical and industrial samples and all that can be shipped legally. The express mail service is a considerably faster service than the normal mail service.
Tayba Group Company offers shipping heavy weight goods from Istanbul to the Arap countries via the Express Mail Service. The cost of the shipping is dependent on the weight of the shipped goods and how far the destination is in the Arap countries.
Choosing our company to be the mediator and the first choice to ship your goods from Istanbul to different Gulf cities will make the process of shipping very secure and as far as possible from issues that may arise. Additionally, we are very strict regarding delivery time, which is what make our company advantageous compared to other companies, and will guarantee your satisfaction working with us, and make the obvious first choice to go to for shipping your goods from Istanbul to the Arap countries.


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