Land Freight

Land Freight

We offer the best prices for land freight, and that is for our great experience in dealing with the international land freight companies.

Tayba Company is ranked first in the field of sea freight in Turkey, and that is not only for our accuracy and our precise time managing, but also because we guarantee the comfort of our clients and their absolute satisfaction. Working with Tayba Company grants you many advantages:

  1. International Shipping Services
  2. Shipments Insurance
  3. Packaging Services (multiple stages)
  4. Packaging the goods to suit the shipping way (sea – land – air)
  5. Packaging materials differs to make sure it is suitable for the goods (Furniture, fragile…)
  6. Re-packaging – in case the packaged shipment is packaged the wrong way – to maintain appropriate size and weight
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the ideal carton size  is 80X50X50 for all types of containers

Re-packaging if the shipment is closed in the wrong way